Thursday, 30 April 2015

Oh Butterfly Oh Butterfly

Good morning all I hope you are all well and
if not I send you some big hugs.
What are you all up to today.
I'm planning to finish cleaning my craft room.
I did half of it yesterday and what a day that was
I never realised just how many dies I have.
I'm hoping that any one could help
me with ideas on how to file my dies.
I will add some photos at the end of this blog.
My Husband came up with putting them on the wall
so I could see them.
But I ran out of wall lol.
As you will see them on the wall and in some
folders on the top of my unit they are the ones
I need to file them better.
That's all for today and should you
leave me any comments them I thank you so
much. And if you have a active blog I would
love to return the favour.
Many thanks
Debs xx
Any ideas would be welcome xx


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