Saturday 31 January 2015

Daisy does Blue

Good morning all friends followers and passes by.
I hope you are all well on this Saturday.
I would just like to welcome Avril to my blog.
What are you all up to today as there's no snow now I'm off
out I'm off to she my Niece Laura at Leicester as she's at Uni  there.
So my and my sister Laura's mum are going to have today
with her we should have gone last week but down came the lovely snow.
So I'm leaving Hubby at home to do the washing.
Now back to today's card it is a really quick easel card.
I made my card base out of a A4 white card on my centre piece
I covered it with a lovely piece of pale blue polka dot paper
I die cut my main part out of  the blue card
with the Decorative labels 4 die set
 and I matted it on to white card I then added this
to my Easel.
I then printed my image off from the Hip HooRay cd
from Whoopsidaisy cd.
All the Artwork is by the talented Linnie pink.
I cut my image out with the Decorative labels 4 from
I then added it on the front of my Easel.
I printed off my sentiment from the PC and I mounted it on to
the bottom of my card as the stopper.
To finish this off I tied a large blue bow out of
organza ribbon.
I would just like to say thank you
for stopping by and if you leave any comment
I do really appreciate them.
Many Thanks
Debs xx 

Friday 30 January 2015

Lets Celebrate with Parchment


Good Morning Friends followers and newbies
I hope you are all well on this Friday morning.
Have you all got some snow today.
If you have just be careful when you  are out
and about.
Well it's cold and snowy here but I've got
to go out in it.
I'm off to have my nails done and then it town
and then to Asda for food shopping just in case
we get some more snow this weekend I hope not.
Today's card is for a friend she asked me to make
a card for her friend and she wanted it to be large
and over the top and I think this fits the bill.
I made a double pop out gate fold card.
for the front I did some embossing on to vellum
and I also did some paper pricking.
then I covered both sides of the front of the card.
Next I embossed two star like shape that I
added to the centre of the fronts.
I than added Happy Birthday to the top of
the left front. And Celebrate at the bottom right
to finish the fronts I embossed and cut out a butterfly
out of vellum.
For the inside I covered it with some pretty
papers I then cut and embossed 4 shapes like the front one.
to hand inside the pop outs.
I know its a bit over the top but you have
 to do what you are asked for.
I must say its a good job it was to be given by
hand or it would cost a fortune as it were very heavy.
Thank you for taking the time out to stop by.
and if you leave me any comments I thank
you so much for your kindness.
Many thanks
Debs xx 

Thursday 29 January 2015

A vase Full Of Dufex

Good Morning All well its snowing again I hope you are all well
in this cold weather. And please take care when
you are out and about.
Last night to was snowing really heavy and then we had a
large thunder storm it just was unbelievable It was like being
in a spooky film.
Today I'd like to welcome Joanne and Natalia to my blog.
Before I go on to my card I would Just like to say that I don't want
the ladies that have been following me on google plus that im not ignoring you.
But someone reported me as they must find my cards offensive
as I've been band for two weeks so I cant put my cards on or comment on our
lovely Cards. But if you comment on my cards please leave me 
your blog address so that I can see all your lovely projects.
Now back to todays card this one is a A4 cards which came with the border
around it.
With silver mirri card I cut the shape of a vase out I thing this was
my third go but it did turn out not too bad in the end.
I added some peel offs around the edges and some gems up the front.
and I also add a peel off sentiment on the front of it.
Next I embossed the Dufex flowers with the Glitter Girls embossing board
but Im very sorry I cant remember what it's called.
Anyway I then cut them out and I then
arranged the flowers on my card and then with double sided
foam tape I added the vase over the top of the stems of the flowers.
To Finish with I tied a bow out of silver sparkly ribbon and
I glued it on to the front of the vase.
That's all for today and I'm very sorry if I miss any ones
cards with Google being a pain in the bum.
Many thanks
Debs xxx

Wednesday 28 January 2015

A Parchment Book

Good Morning Friends followers, and any one passing by.
 I hope you are all well this Wednesday
And I would just like to welcome A New follower
Karen Rantin I hope you enjoying being here in
my little space of blogland.
What are you all up to today what ever it
is I hope you enjoy it.
I got my new car yesterday and it's brilliant
It's so nice to drive it.
It's better than the one I've just got rid of.
Lets keep fingers crossed that this one runs
better than the last one.
I'll post a photo of her tomorrow when I
can get out to take the picci.
Now back to today's card I used the Glitter Girls
bookatricks board to make the book.
the printed the design very lightly on to vellum.
So that I could trace it with the
embossing tool.
After I'd embossed it I added some glitter onto
some of the embossing.
I then cut out several layers of vellum to
make a large flower When I glued the flower together
I sprayed it with stick and stay glue
so that I could dip it into glitter.
I then left it to dry over night.
I then repeated it again with a smaller flower.
I Added the large flower to the left hand side of the book
And the small one on the right just
below the verse that I did.
To finish off with I added a piece of organza
ribbon around the spine of the book
and then I tied a bow and I added this t the top
of the spine.
That's all for today as I'm going to get
on with some samples to do
and some whoopsidaisy DT work.
Thank you for stopping by and If you leave me
any comments I do really appreciate them.
Many Thanks
Debs xxx  

Tuesday 27 January 2015

Gold Mica Flakes

Good morning all my fellow blogger's and newbies
and I would just like to welcome two new followers
who are
Ewelina Nowak and Maria Maksimova welcome to
my little piece blogland.
If twelve months ago you would have said that I
would have a blog and making new friends I
would have said you were mad.
But 12 months down the line I'm here blogging
every day and I'm loving it.
And I've made some lovely friends.
An I thank you all for your support.
What are you all up to today.
I'm off to pick my brand New Car up and I'm so excited.
and then it's back t my craft room as I've got some
DT Blog cards to get finished.
Now back to todays card I've used some
gold Mica Flakes that I got a couple of years ago
and I've not used them much so I thought it's
time I got them out again.
To Make this card I started with a 8"-8" cream card
I then cut a mat at 73/4"-73/4"
out of white card. The I cut a cream mat at
71/2"-71/2" which I embossed with a paisley design
embossing folder.
I then cut a strip a polka dot card which I
added to the bottom of my card front.
Next out of cream card I die cut a border i'm sorry
I just cant remember the name of this die.
I added it on to the join across my card.
Next I covered a piece of white card and covered
it with doublesided sticky.
I then cut it with the largest die in the
Spellbinders Decorative ovals die set.
I then peeled the backing off the sticky and I covered it
with the mica flakes. what you must
remember is don't emboss when using double sided
sticky sheet or it will all brake up
when you try to get it out of the die.
I then added this to the centre of my card.
Next I cut the smaller die from the set out of
white polka card.
Then I printed a sentiment out on the PC.
and I then cut this one out with the smallest die.
I added this one on to the polka dot one.
I added the across my large topper.
I added some diamante swirls.. 
To finish I tied a large bow out of gold
crushed silk ribbon. I added this to the
bottom corner. I then tied a smaller bow out
of cream seam binding I added it on to my
gold bow with my hot glue gun.
Then I added a pearl to the centre of the bow. 
That's all for today and I hope you like it
as much as I do. It would be lovely if you
could leave me you thoughts on this card.
I do really appreciate them.
Many Thanks
Debs xxx

Monday 26 January 2015

A grand Butterfly

Good morning all and fellow bloggers, passes by's and Newbies
I would just like to welcome Doreen to my little
bit of blogland.
I hope you are all well today I were going to get
my new car today but it's been put back
till tomorrow.
some of you may be thinking I only got a new one
in April last year and you would be right.
The garage are now having to replace my car as I got it
in April last year brand new and its been in the garage
about 30 times since July.
if you pick up any speed it cuts out and its not
funny when your in the last lane on the motor way.
They tried saying it was the way I drive but it
does it when George drives so its not me.
so with a bit of luck this new car will be ok.
Anyway back to todays card I made this one a while ago
and I for got to post it so it's making it's debut today.
I have used the spellbinder dies
Grand Butterfly
a border die and
the decorative ovals die
I printed the verse from the PC.
And I added a few gems and a
bow out of seam binding and two pins to finish off with.
That's all for today and I hope you all
have a good day.
I would really appreciate it if you have
time to leave me a comment.
Many Thanks
Debs xxx

Sunday 25 January 2015

Blue Iris's

Good morning all hope you are all well
on this Sunday morning I hope that you are
all having a good weekend the only trouble is
it goes so last and then it's monday again.
I'd just like to say welcome to my newbie's.
This card is a A4 Gatefold card with a double pop out inside.
I lost my mojo last week and now its back with me
making large cards.
For this one I used the MCS cd for all the
image's and backing papers.
I started by making two A5 pop out cards
which I joined by glueing them to a A4 sheet
of card to the back.
Next I added some of the backing paper to decorate.
with the card open I added a verse into the centre.
Next I printed out some toppers and I then decoupage
them on both side so when it swings it finished
off neatly. I repeated this for the other side.
Using jump rings to fasten on to my aperture's.
I then tied two white tiny bows where
the jump rings go through
That's the inside finished.
Next for the out side I printed off more toppers
one larger than the other.
I mounted them on to silver mirri card.
I added the largest one on to the right-side 
and the smaller one to the left at the bottom.
To finish with I added a sentiment to the top of the left side.
I hope you like this one it would be lovely
to hear your thoughts on this one. As I know large cards
are not to everyones taste.
Take care and
Many Thanks
Debs xxx 

Saturday 24 January 2015

Forever Friends Lantern Card.

Good morning all to my blogland friends followers and
I hope you are all well on this Saturday and I
Hope that you all have a good weekend.
I think that after I've done the shopping i'm going to
have a good couple of hours in my craftroom.
I may even give it a clean Lol.
Todays card is for a friends New Baby Girl.
and it is made with the Forever Friends cd.
It was a real easy card to make all it is
is 8 pop  out cards all joined together.
then I printed off some lovely backing papers to decorate
the cards and then I printed off my images
off and cut them out.
I used jump rings to hang the bears on to the cards.
to finish the inside I added a ribbon to tie it closed.
To decorate the front I added some pretty papers.
and I added a topper to the centre of the front.
and a sentiment to the top.
to finis off I added some peel offs around the borders.
I would love to here your thoughts on this one as
it's been awhile since I made one of these cards.
Take Care and Many thanks
Debs xx

Friday 23 January 2015

ruby Anniversary

Good morning all my friends follower and passes by's
thank you for joining me in me little piece of blogland.
I'm now not feeling alone any more.
And I thank you all for that.
I do really appreciate all your comments
that you leave me.
Anyway how are you all today at least
here it's not snowing anymore and its
beginning to thaw at last.
If you still have snow try and stay safe if 
you have to go out in it.
Now back to todays card I have only one photo
as silly me deleted the wrong ones I realised it after
I let the card go so I couldn't take anymore.
the other photo's showed the detail that you
cant really see for this one photo.
I would love t hear your thoughts on this card
as it's been awhile since I've done a
card with out a image and I'm really pleased
with it.
Take care and many thanks
Debs xxx

Thursday 22 January 2015

A Star Is Born

Good morning all I hope you are all well on another
snowy day and welcome to my new followers
Maria and Norma welcome to my little bit
of blog land.
What are you all upto today I were hoping to go out
but the snow as put the stop to that as
my crutches don't like snow I go one way and
they go the other way Lol.
If the weather is bad where you are stay safe.
todays card it took me hours to do this one and I still
not sure about it. I would like to hear what you
think of it.
I used the Sentimentally yours cd for the image
which comes from
It is a lovely cd it's got some wonderful image from
the talented Linnie Pink of Whoopsidaisy digi stamps.
and some Gorgeous verses from the one and only
Kathy Mills of the former Glitter girls.
I would love to hear your thoughts on this one.
Many Thanks
Debs xxx

Wednesday 21 January 2015

Little Miss Sunshine

Good morning all my blogland friends and followers
and passes by's.
I hope yu are all well on this snowy day
whats the weather like where you are today.
it's very cold here in south Yorkshire.
I cant believe I've got a sunshine card for yu
today and it's snowing outside.
Todays card is another one from the Sentimentally yours cd
I have used the new A4 stepper die also from
ruby red crafts. I think it's one
of the best dies I've bought as theres no
measuring and it even cuts all the mats out too
and puts all the score lines in.
This card is a sample for whoopsidaisy digi stamps.
Thank you ladies for clicking on the follow me widget
now that I've found out how to put it on my blog.
I now know who you are and thank you for that.
Hope you all stay safe in this bad weather and
take care. xx
Debs xxx

Tuesday 20 January 2015

My Little Ballet Dancer

Good morning to all my Friends in blogland
and followers and passes by's
On this very cold morning I think it's getting colder.
I hope you are all well and keeping warm.
Roll on the summer I'm not a winter person
I like the Sun and heat.
Todays card is another one from he Sentimentally Yours cd
The images and the colours are all so beautiful
and the art work is from he very talented lady
Linnie pink of whoopsidaisy designs.
It took me most of yesterday to do this card
as I think my crafting mojo is playing up
I just didn't have any ideas in what to do.
I put about three cards in the bin as I just weren't
happy with them.
But i'm still not sure
about this one it would be lovely
to hear what you think of it. 
I Have finally found out how to put the follow
me wigit on the blog.
so it would be lovely if you would follow me
so I can see who you all are.
Many thanks
Debs xx

Monday 19 January 2015

Blowing Bubbles

Good morning all my blogland friends and followers
and passes by's.
I hope you are all well on this freezing morning.
I think we've had the coldest night this year
It is so cold but i'll soon warm up when
I get the ironing out that will be a work out Lol.
Todays card is a little different for me as I don't do
many green cards but you have to do what
people want but I were really happy with
the way it turned out and my customer were very
happy with it.
The image that I have used is from the
Sentimentally Yours New cd from
I think that this is one of my favourite ones
it as got some wonderful images on and some
lovely Sentiments on from the wonderful
Katy Mills of the wonderful Glittergirls.
I hope you like this one as much as I like it.
It would love to hear your thoughts on it.
And I would be so great full if you could
follow me now that
I've just found out how to put the follow me
link on im getting I bit clever now with this blogging Lol.
Many Thanks
Debs xxx