Thursday, 24 April 2014

Tall Book of tricks

Good morning all 4 days and counting till I get my new car.

Today's card I made for my friends birthday she us a pink girly girl so I thought is would be up her street all pinks and silvers.

To start with I used the glitter girls tall book a tricks embossing board.
I embossed and cut out all the pages in pink and silver.
I then used my glue gun to glue them all together on top of each other.
I printed a lovely verse on white card and cut it out and added it the top page on the right side.
Before I glued my pages to my back card I wrapped a piece of ribbon down the centre of my pages and added a large bow to the top.

Next I glued a white feather on to the left side using my glue gun.
I then made a spray of flowers and glued them on top of the feather. I then tied a small bow out of pink ribbon and added it to the bottom of
my flowers.
That's all for today Debs xxx

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