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Thursday, 10 April 2014

boxed easter bunny

Good morning all fellow bloggers and followers.
well today's card could be abit tricky to understand how this card was made but I will do my best. So here goes.

To start with I printed my bunny from a MCS cd  I cut it out and then added it to my background that I printed out.
The card is made up of three boxes the Base one and two half size of that one.

I made a box and I glued my bunny in it. And then I made a lid for it and i added acetate into the lid i glued the lid on.
Next I made two more boxes half the size of the first one. I printed some more backing papers and embellishment to which I glued into each box I made lid just the same Way of the first one. To join the boxes together i cut two strips of card I put the two side ones on top of the centre one face down. I glued them together with the strips of card.
I printed a matching background And cut it to the size of my box. I added the little girls name across the front. I then cut it up the centre so I could glue one on the underside of the box sides. So when you close the box the name is on the front. To finish with I added a white ribbon to try it closed. I do hope that you can understand My rundown.

Thank you for taking time to visit my blog Debs xxx

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