Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Portuguese Easel card.

Good morning all my friend's follower's and visitor's
I hope you are all well.
I would just like Kevin as my newest follower.
I hope you enjoy visiting.
Jenn had hair done yesterday now all grey
covered for a few weeks. Ha Ha.
It's your turn today to get rid of yours lol.
I wonder what kind of day we are going to have
today cos I'm now fed up with this wind.
I hate it when it's windy as it does so much
Well I'm writing this with match sticks in my
eyes as I've been up since 2am due to one
stupid woman down the street she's on drugs and
every night for the last 2 weeks she as had all
the street up with her shouting and dancing
up the road with nothing on and it's not a nice site.
Then the Ambulance. police and fire brigade came
and took her away. And then it starts all over
again tomorrow.
Anyway after my moan I'll get back to the card.
I started with a 8"-8" Easel card.
I cut some mats in blue and white.
I cut my centre piece by cutting the Portuguese
Background out in blue and white I matted
them all up using foam tape.
I added it to the top of my card.
I cut Gemini border out in blue 3 times.
I added one to the top of my card so it is over
hanging the top edge.
I added one just below the centre piece.
And the third one on the bottom to act
as my stopper.
I then cut several Daisy flower's out of
blue and white.
I added one to the centre of my topper and
one to the centre of my stopper.
I were really pleased with the way this came out.
That's all for today and I hope to see you
back here tomorrow and have a lovely day.
Should you leave me any comments I thank you
so much. And I would love to return the favour.
But if you don't have a blog then
I thank you for taking the time to comment.
Many Thanks
Debs xx 

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