Wednesday 2 September 2015

New CD from Kraftyhands

Hi Friend's follower's and visitor's

Just a quick note just to let you Know that Kraftyhands will
be releasing there New CD Totally Tiffany in October.

And it is going to be a new concept  theirs no more CD Box's
The CD comes with a magazine so that it can be stored in a 
ring-binder to save space which we crafter's all need.
The CD will be stores at the back of the magazine 
which will have
inspiration to help you get the best from your CD.
And it also will come with 10 sheets of printable vellum
to be used with the CD.
you can get more of the vellum from

Why Not pop along to Kraftyhands and 
pre order yours now.

Many thanks 
Debs xxx

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