Friday 25 September 2015

Kraftyhands New CD Totally Tiffany

Totally Tiffany CD From Kraftyhands

Good Morning all friends followers and visitors
I hope you are all well.
Today's cards are samples from Kraftyhands New cd
which we are hoping to be released early October and it will
be the first one in the new concept.

The first one is called
Totally Tiffany
Your cd will come in a A4 folder pre-punch so you card store them
in a ring binder you CD will be in a sleeve at the back. 
You will also be getting 10 sheets of thick vellum free.
You can Order our CD from Here 

For this I made a notice board by using the paper's from
the CD  to cover the wood plaque
then I printed off The Note papers and I then added them
to the bottom and the plaque.

For this one I printed off my image on the the Vellum 
that came with the cd. I then printed off the frame
which I added around the image. I cut out my sentiment
and added this to the top corner.
And a bow at the bottom corner. I then put a tea light
behind it. It looked wonderful with all the lights turn off.
It was Just like having a Tiffany Lamp lit.

Thats all for today and I hope that you all have a good day what 
ever you are doing.
Why not pop along to Kraftyhands website and have a look
at whats there. You can also pre order your
Totally Tiffany cd.

Many Thanks
Debs xxx


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