Sunday 7 June 2015


Good morning all I hope you are all well
and thank you for joining me in my little
bit of blogland.
And I hope you like what you see.
What are you all up to today I'm hoping
that the weather is a little better than yesterday.
It were lovely and sunny but the wind were
really strong.
I'm hoping that I can get some washing
done with out it.
For today's card I have used the new
dies from Sue Wilson.
and they are the Portuguese background.
That's all for today and I hope that you all
have a wonderful day in what ever you
are doing.
Thank you all for all your wonderful
comments that you keep leaving me.
I do really appreciate them.
And I love to return the favour by seeing what
you all are up to.
Many Thanks
Debs xx
blowing aways 

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