Friday 26 June 2015

A Touch of Green

Good morning All friends follower's and visitor's
And welcome to my little bit of blogland.
I hope you are all well on this Friday.
Where as this week gone doesn't time fly
when you are having fun.
I'm hoping that today is as nice as yesterday.
it got to 24  and no wind so it felt really hot.
Anyway back to todays card it is just larger than
a A5 A Sue Wilson card was the inspiration
for this one.
This is a quick post as I've got to get ready for
a trip to hospital and we have to set off
early cos we will hit all the traffic
going in to Sheffield. and my appointment is
at 9am so I have to leave home a at 7.30am.
That's all for today and I thank you all for
the lovely comment that you leave me I
hope that I will be able to visit your blogs
when I get back.
So I hope you all have a lovely day and I
hope the weather's nice where you are.
Many Thanks
Debs xxx

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