Monday 19 February 2018

Charity wobblers

Good morning all I hope you are all well this morning 
I hope you’ve all have a good weekend 

What are you all up to today.
Here are a few of my wobbler cards that I
Have made for my local radio station that have asked
Me if I would donate some cards for a market stall
They are having for the Barnsley hospice.

So I thought that I would do some children’s cards as well as
Adult ones.
And I’m just hoping that they sell for them.
I’ve had this Kanban kit awhile and never used it
So I thought these would be poerfect.

And they were really quick to do I think I did 20 in
A hour.

Tomorrow is the launch of the tattered laces shaped cards usb
For the Scanncut 
On createandcraft at 9 am 
So I will be posting my samples from tomorrow.
So I hope to see you then.

Hugs Debs xx

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