Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Its A Boy

Good morning fellow bloggers friends and new followers
Thank you for following my blog I hope you fined sosome inspiration while you are here.

I don't know about you but its freezing here and dark.
What are you all up to today. I'm going to spend a bit of time in my craft room and them I've to go to the Doctors this afternoon.

Well back to the card it is quite a simp!h one to do.
I started by printing off my I'm image from the tops teens and inbetween CD ROM from
Next I cut a mat for my image to sit on.

Next got a white 8"-8" card
I then covered it with some pretty blue paper.
Then I cut a strip of white card about 31/2 inch
I cut a piece of blue paper at 31/4 inch
I then punched down one side of it I then glued it on to the white strip of card.
I the added it to the lefthand side of my card.

I then added my topper in to the centre of my card
By using double sided foam tape.
I then printed my sentiment off and I the used
A die to cut it out with.

To finish off with I tied a bow out of blue gingham
Ribbon and with my hot
Glue gun I added it to the bottom clrner .
Next I added a resin bow topper on to my bow.
I added a few blue gems here and there.

I hope you like this card it would be lovely
If you could leave me your cimments and if you have a blog I would love to visit it.

Many thanks

Debs xxx

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