Tuesday 25 November 2014

A poinsettia angel

Good morning friends followers
I would just like to welcome to 
Judy Corner for being a new be to my blog.

I hope you all have a great day in what ever you are up to.
I'm so happy today had to go and order my new car yesterday as I got a brand new car in may and its been in garage 15 times since the 25 the July.
So last week I told them I want a new car because
It was not reliable and then they did agree after a while.

So back to today's card it is inspired by the wonderfully
Talented Sue Wilson.

I started with a 8"-8" white square card i the cut three mats out of white card.
With the top one I cut
Christmas Angle from the festive collection
But with this card I used the waste but I did save the angle
For another project.

Then with some red card I cut several filigree poinsettia's
I added these to the centre  of my card do that when I added my top mat the poinsettia' s show in the angle.

Next I added some paper flowers to the top corner of my card.
And to finish with I tied a large boe out of
Red satin ribbon which I added to
The bottom corner. And I added a rose onto 
The knot of my bow.

The dies can be got from

Thank you for stopping by and I would
Be really pleased if you would
Leave me your thoughts on
This card.

Many Thanks

Debs xxx

1 comment:

Patricia said...

Good morning Debs,
Sorry I have been missing, life gets in the way sometimes!!
Love your stunning card, you have done it so beautifully.
Sorry to hear about your car, nothing worse than an unreliable car.
Have a super crafty day

Patricia x