Wednesday 10 January 2018

craftorium Windmill

Good morning all I hope you are all well this morning and if not 
I send you big hugs.

Today I have a sample that I made for the Days out usb for
The Scanncut.

What can I say about this one I cut out all my pieces out
Of construction board I made it all up and then I cut
It all out again with the coloured cards which I then covered the grey board.
I cut out the blades out of white card.
 I used a stick of plastic that I had in my stash for the
Blades to sit on.

To finish of with I added lots of flowers to the side so that it
Looked as they were growing up the side of the windmill.

That’s all for today and I thank you for stopping by and I
Do really appreciate it.

Hugs Debs xx

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