Thursday, 29 January 2015

A vase Full Of Dufex

Good Morning All well its snowing again I hope you are all well
in this cold weather. And please take care when
you are out and about.
Last night to was snowing really heavy and then we had a
large thunder storm it just was unbelievable It was like being
in a spooky film.
Today I'd like to welcome Joanne and Natalia to my blog.
Before I go on to my card I would Just like to say that I don't want
the ladies that have been following me on google plus that im not ignoring you.
But someone reported me as they must find my cards offensive
as I've been band for two weeks so I cant put my cards on or comment on our
lovely Cards. But if you comment on my cards please leave me 
your blog address so that I can see all your lovely projects.
Now back to todays card this one is a A4 cards which came with the border
around it.
With silver mirri card I cut the shape of a vase out I thing this was
my third go but it did turn out not too bad in the end.
I added some peel offs around the edges and some gems up the front.
and I also add a peel off sentiment on the front of it.
Next I embossed the Dufex flowers with the Glitter Girls embossing board
but Im very sorry I cant remember what it's called.
Anyway I then cut them out and I then
arranged the flowers on my card and then with double sided
foam tape I added the vase over the top of the stems of the flowers.
To Finish with I tied a bow out of silver sparkly ribbon and
I glued it on to the front of the vase.
That's all for today and I'm very sorry if I miss any ones
cards with Google being a pain in the bum.
Many thanks
Debs xxx

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