Friday 19 September 2014

Mica Christmas Tree

Good morning all well its Friday again where as the week gone and its getting dark so early now.
I don't know what's gone wrong with my camera
As everything is coming out black. I will have to get jack to have a look at it.

Anyway back to today's card. Its a 8"-8"
White card that I its a 
 3 white mats. I layered them up
But on the next to the smallest one I went around all sides with the red double sided tape.
After taking all the red backing off I covered it with
Some silver mica flakes with my finger I rubbed it in.
I added this onto my card.
For my centre piece I firstly embossed the stars shadow.
Next I covered a piece of white card with a piece off
Double sided we sticky sheet.
I then cut it cut it out but don't emboss it
As it will all break up.

Next I pealed back the backing off the tree
And covered it with Mica flakes. Don't forget to rub them into the tree

I then added it to my card making sure that the star fits into the shadow that I embossed.

I cut a silver Merry Christmas and I the added it the my card.

That's all for today's card it would be lovely to hear your thought on this one as I think its
A good one and its easy to do.

Take care


pam said...

hi Debs, beautiful Christmas card, saw Sue Wilson on C/C with this die, thought it looked fabulous then, you have done a brilliant job.

pam said...

Debs, if you take your word verification of you might get more comments..that is what I was asked to do.. take a lot longer to leave comments when its on.
hope this helps
pam x

Hazel said...

Debs. Firstly I see you have changed your blog, so much easier to comment I have say. Love your card also I can't remember if I got my comment on the others to work earlier - head full of mince as they say today. Any way if I didn't I am sorry for not commenting but blogger playing up and so is my iPad. But they are all beautiful. Hazel xx

Unknown said...

Hi Pam can you tell me how do I take it off and where do I find it. I'm a bit thick when it comes PC. But thank you for your advice. Debs xx

Patricia said...

Brilliant card, love the Die but I have SB one which is similar but without the "halo" bit.
Glad you managed forget you. Blog sorted out it is so much better.
I am sure you will get lots more comments.

Patricia x