Saturday 4 July 2015

Tall Book card

Good Morning All and welcome to my
little bit of blogland I hope you are all well
And coping with this hot weather we are having.
We have just had the biggest thunder storm.
But now it's all dried up and it's warm again. 
I hope it stays like this for the next month
As we are going on holiday in two weeks
time and I cant wait.
We are going to my favourite place in
this country which is South Devon If I win
the lottery that's where i'm going.

Any way back to todays card I were asked for
a special card so I thought it was time
to get my Glitter Girls Boards back out.

And I went with the Tall book board.
And this were the out come.
And I still think they make great cards.
And to make it extra special by using
scented card which smells wonderful.

Anyway that's all for today and I thank you
all for your lovely comments you leave me.

Many Thanks

Debs xxx 

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