Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Holiday In South Devon

Good morning all friends, followers, and visitor's
I hope you are all well and have you missed
while I'm on my Jolly Holiday's Here is
Sunny Devon.
It as been so hot that I look as though I've been
a Broad.
I've been to USA and I love it but I keep coming
back to Devon. The scenery is just out of this
So I have put a few photo's that a took while
on the River at Dartmouth. The first photo is
of my little boat I WISH ha ha
Wouldn't  it be nice. And then my everyday run around
It must be nice to just mess about on the water.
It is a different life to what we have the Americans
just spend money like water.
The Next photo's are of the lovely scenes from
at tour boat it was about 80degrees that day and
me like a fool didn't put any cream on and I got
off looking like the colour of beetroot.

We also went to the world of marbles it were
lovely to see them make the marbles and to watch
them blow glass and make a gorgeous vase.

Now that I've board you with my holiday
pictures I will be back home on Saturday and
back to making my cards.
So I hope to see you then. I have tried to keep
following your blogs when I have been able to
get a good signal.
That's all for today as the sun is calling me.
Many Thanks
Debs xx 

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