Friday 17 October 2014

A little book of poems

Good morning all hope you are all will
I would like to welcome my new followers
To my blog.
I hope you have better weather than we have here.
Its so dark I didn't really want to
Get out of bed this morning as
Its so dark but can't lay in bed all day.
It would be nice though.

Todays card is a lovely shade of
Cream and peaches you wouldn't
Think so with the look of the flowers
But they are peach not brown.

The topper is from Hunkydorys
Little book of poems witch I got
From ruby red crafts.

And I also used the Spellbinders floral ovel die set
And the sue Wilson classic rose dies
Which came from

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.
I would really love it if you could leave
Me your thoughts on this card.
I would love to visit your blog if you have one.

Many thanks

Debs xxx


Hazel said...

Good evening Debs. Blogger still playing up either that or it's my iPad but can't get reading list or dashboard up, having to go the long way round and type in blogs. Anyway a beautiful card love the sentiment. Did I read early this morning that you had your name pulled out of the cup yesterday and if so did you win a car?? Know what you mean about dark mornings, after next week I will be going And coming to work in the dark. Horrible. Enjoy your weekend. Hazel x

Unknown said...

Hi Hazel I've won a sue Wilson card I wish it were a car lol.
I'm having the same trouble as you with reading lists going missing.
Debs xxx